Medical Illustration by Hillary D. Wilson

At Inkyverse we are proud to represent one of the the premier medical illustrators in the United States, Hillary D. Wilson.

Raised by an endlessly supportive, adventure loving family, Hillary has a deep appreciation for effective storytelling and exploring the natural world. She received a master’s degree in Medical Illustration from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and spends her professional time striking a balance between medical and general illustration.

In the world of medical illustration she has illustrated works for dozens of textbooks, medical groups, colleges, and publishers include the National Aquarium, Johns Hopkins Department of Anesthesiology, Johns Hopkins Department for Transgender Health, Wunderman, Visible Body, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and many more. Hillary has also lectured for the Association of Medical Illustrators Conference, the Association of Southeastern Biologists, Graduate classes at Johns Hopkins Medical School, American Seminar, Wolters Kluwer, and more.

Hillary is experienced in researching and presenting complex medical and scientific information through visual media. She is particularly invested in celebrating the sheer breadth of human variation and making science and medicine more accessible to general audiences. When she is not illustrating, she spends as much time as possible cooking, staying active, tending to her plant collection, and snuggling with her dog, Sebastian.

We are excited for some of her major new projects that are slated for release in the months ahead. Stay tuned for more information on her work!

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