Meet Raymond Sebastien

Raymond Sébastien is a French artist based in Paris who had been working in the video game industry for nearly a decade.

After having graduated from Émile Cohl’s School of Art in Lyon, France in 2012, he started his career in the video game industry in Germany with the mobile game company GoodGame studios. He has been working on their Goodgame Empire as a 2D artist to create assets as well as a marketing artist to promote their games on social networking sites. 

Raymond is a versatile artist, who already has many feathers in his cap including teaching composition for Concept Art at New3dge Art School, to being a freelance illustrator for children’s books with French publishers including Hatier, Auzou, and Jungles Edition, to working as a character concept artist for upcoming games with Tindalos Interactive, to working as a background artist at Pretty Simple Games on Criminal Case. His graphic style has a broad range of variety inspired by Afro, pop, and fashion culture, all bathed in the warm and shimmering colors of his native island Martinique. Since his childhood he has always been fascinated by creating an original and colorful universe. He’s been working with top global publishing houses on many book covers, video game production companies (we are LOVING his new characters for the recently released Aliens game for Xbox and PlayStation for Microsoft), and more in the past year with Inkyverse. 

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